Carrier in Biotechnology in India: Eligibility, Syllabus, Carrier, Salary Details

Biotechnology is the study or modern day medicine and life technology. It is an only available field which consists of a combined study of Biology, Engineering, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Industries in Which Biotechnology deals in are:

  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Bio-products
  • Textiles
  • Medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Environmental conservation
  • Animal sciences


B. Tech (Biotechnology) Requires:

10 + 2 science stream Under-graduates

M. Tech (Biotechnology) Requires:

Graduates from B. Tech (Biotechnology), Engineering, and Medicine.


Learning Biotechnology Consists of Following Subjects:

  • Genetics
  • Molecular biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Embryology
  • Cell biology
  • Practical chemical engineering
  • Information technology
  • Robotics
  • Scientific Aptitude
  • Biological Sciences
  • Problem-solving skills

Biotechnology jobs in India can be found in the following fields:

  • Drug and pharmaceutical research
  • Public funded laboratories
  • Chemicals
  • Environment control
  • Waste management
  • Energy
  • Food processing
  • Bio-processing industries
  • Government institutes and organizations
  • Department of Biotechnology (DBT)
  • Agriculture, Dairy and Horticulture Research Institutes
  • Drug and Pharmacutiles Companies

Salary Package:

Government Job as a bio-technologists

The Government of India provides large-scale employment to most bio-technologists in its research laboratories. Those employed as researchers in government sector can have a starting salary of Rs. 15,000 per month (Increases with your Experience and Post) along with government perks/allowances.

Private Job as A bio-technologists

Private sector pharmaceutical Brands In India generally offer a salary ranging from Rs. 15,000- Rs. 30,000 per month to a fresh started postgraduate. Skilled and experienced biotechnology Professional can get salaries very high beyond his expectations.

There is a huge Demand for Biotechnology Professionals outside India With Heavy Pay and Galleries. Salaries for biotech starting from 6-8 Lakh PA.

Fields Of Carrier after Graduation in Biotechnology

  • Microbe Biology
  • Food Enhancement Technology
  • Agricultural Biotechnology
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Clinical Research and Trials
  • Biochemical Engineering
  • Immunology (Biotechnology in diagnosing and Treating disease)
  • Biomedical Engineering (artificial organs Development, Medical Devices)
  • Bioinformatics (Computational Study)
  • Marine Biology (Deep Ocean Biology and Applications)
  • Environmental Ecology and Geotechnology
  • Nano-Biotechnology (Healthcare and Research Industry)

Most of the Colleges offer undergraduate and post-graduate courses. Many of these offer seats on ‘first come first serve’ basis as well. Some of the colleges like Delhi University have stringent cut-offs for 12th Percentage.


Its Diverse applications across multiple industries like food, pharmaceutical, chemical, bio-products, textiles, medicine, nutrition, environmental conservation, Research, and animal sciences make a career in biotechnology one of the fastest growing fields with huge opportunities for qualified professionals.

The candidate should be methodical and patient by nature, able to work neatly and accurately and have a flair for laboratory work. The ability to work independently is another important aspect. The knowledge of computers is a must.

IIT Delhi and IIT Kharagpur offer admission into a five year integrated M.Tech through a Joint Entrance Examination.

The Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi conducts an all-India entrance examination for their Msc Biotechnology program.

Required Eligibility for applying the JNU, Delhi MSc (Biotechnology) Programme and Other Universities like IITs are Follows:

  1. Physical, Biological, Agricultural, Veterinary & Fishery Sciences graduation
  2. Pharmacy
  3. Engineering
  4. Technology
  5. 4-Years BS (Physician Assistant Course)
  6. Medicine (MBBS) or BDS

The Department of Biotechnology (DBT) also offers postgraduate (PG) courses in selected institutions, and through four prominent research institutes, further provides two-year support for postdoctoral P.HD programs.

The Purpose of this is to prepare long term biotech professionals and Research pioneers for frontier research and advance research and Development Practices.

Other Universities, Supported and Funded by the DBT, provide a one-year MD/MS training in medical biotechnology Research.

MD/MS Research Pioneers are Trained for research and Development of the following Fields Mentioned Below:

Vaccines Development and Research

Therapeutic hormones and enzymes Research and Development

Immunology Drugs

Gene therapy

The SRM University offers following Courses to Learn:

  • B.Tech in Biotechnology
  • Genetic Engineering, and Bioinformatics

They also offer an M.Tech in Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering.

Affordable and intelligent Research and Development partnering with Chinese and American corporate Establishments have a great scope in Digging India’s Research potential and co-developing technology which benefits in the Development in Living of the People.

India has a global market in Research and Pharmaceutical Market worth $100 billion (2018). That’s why so many global pharma companies are flocking to India for their own R&D Startup initiatives.

Some industries employ bio-technologists in their marketing and Distribution divisions to develop business in sectors where their products would be required Grow the Economy of Business.

The major companies, Who seek for skilled and Brilliant bio-technologists, include Hindustan Lever, ITC Group, Indo American Hybrid Seeds, Bincon India Ltd., IDPL and Hindustan Antibiotics, Cipla, Mankind Pharms ETC.

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