Dawn Of Online Learning In INDIA: New Market Place As E-Learning Platform

A Country With The Young Blood

Various Issues May Occur when You have A Country of 1.32 Billion Population. But the Most Catchy Thing to this fact is that the 65% among this is Youth, ranging from age of 18 to 35 years. Now India along with developed countries, Seems to be Moving on from Traditional Education Practices to the New Era of Online Learning.

In this article, together we’ll explore the E-Learning Business! How it is growing rapidly, Its Quality and most important the Benefits for Students from this Platform.

The role of technology in education is Becoming undeniably impressive. It has changed the ways we learn. Online learning become the standout achievements of modern day technology. No matter where you stay, one cannot beat the ease and convenience of studying from the comforts of one’s own home.

From education to arts to hobbies, this new learning method offers a variety of options for those who want to pursue Education.

Need For E-Learning:

The Path of E-Learning or learning online perfectly suits for:

  • The students with limited reach to the schools and Universities
  • Willing to Complete and pursue their Skill and aspirations In Education
  • Students who are not satisfied with the way our educational system works and think its a TRASH!

The Way of learning Online Gives us a unique Approach to learn while at home, job or any place without actually going to college or school.

Factors Which Satisfy the Minds of Consumers or Students to use online learning Platforms.

It Gives Us a Unique Convenience of Learning at the place we love the most, whether it is home or study center or any park you like!

Along with the syllabus, the student learns to manage its time properly, utilize the essential and available Resources.

It’s one good fact is also that a student can learn with their own time to grasp Because the study material is always with you on your phone, laptop or in the mean of other devices.
The most important thing in this platform is that,


The Another approach of Point of View About this!

With Useful and Proper education this platform may be misused by wicked Minds To Complete their Bad Intentions by giving Inappropriate and Destructive Education.

Asking doubts and getting it answered can take a long time.
Those how do not have self-disciplined can struggle to make the best of this method.
Human touch missing.

Through e-learning, students can focus on becoming Skilled, discover their true interests in an efficient way and build their dream career. This is just the beginning of the revolutionary concept of e-learning which has the potential to disrupt the traditional education system in India and provide a better learning environment for the students.

Slowly and steadily the online learning practices is finally getting its due recognition. The companies understand the role of constantly evolving and learning manpower. This has led to much more acceptance of degrees earned through online learning. Still there is some more time before it completely assimilates into the mainstream job market.

Accessing The Online Education Platforms.

E-learning is bringing top-notch colleges and institutions along with the best in the business teaching GURUS to your Hand on Approach, through mobiles and computers. Advanced skills like artificial intelligence and machine learning are taking roots in bigger universities in India but these fields are not accessible to a lot of students belonging to rural and far places. E-learning is an easy solution to deal with this problem and to interact with students as the teachers can’t be present at different places at the same time, especially in rural areas and Developing Cities.

In fact, having realized the significance of e-learning, the Ministry of Human Resources and Development and Open Source Universities have started Providing lectures online so that they can be easily accessed by students Who Can not physically Join the institution.

The Quality of Education Provided Online.

In a country like India, with a few premier colleges which have limited seats for students, most students are not able to get that required quality of education which he/she deserves. Most Schools In India have a fewer number of teachers than the required number. Due to this, teachers aren’t able to focus on the students in the classrooms nor are the students able to utilize their time spent in the classrooms. With this innovative technology, there are new developments in different fields of study every time, and these changes can’t be included in the syllabus we study traditionally.

Through E-learning, students have access to quality education, Taking Knowledge from Top Professors and teachers worldwide, on their fingertips. It can also provide personalized study material to the user. While online learning is making quality education accessible to students no matter where they came from, it is also making the entire learning experience JOYFUL. Amazing learning with quizzes and challenges holds the interest of students and is, in a way, more engaging than boring classroom learning we used to get.

Affordable Education at the price which Satisfies the Pocket.

To provide the Best quality of education to their Wards, Working Class parents have to Dig out money and pour into right from school life of kids to college education. The Approximate cost of a degree in a traditional college is comparatively very higher than the one-time cost required for online learning. Not just the education, the student has to take care of Residence Transport and Food as well. Quality education comes at a high cost, but with the advent of e-learning resources, students can access the same or in fact better quality education in less cost and can make his/her dream come true.

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